About us

Decohill was founded in 2010 in Turkey in an effort to specialize and make a difference in all aspects.
For the purpose of reaching perfection, Decohill engaged in extensive and detailed activities in the industry including but not limited to technological facilities, sense of lean manufacturing, original designs, functionality, user-friendly products, safety certificates, architectural consultancy services.
With the aim of presenting its original designs and an exciting room atmosphere to all of the world, Decohill got into the international market in the second year of its foundation and became one of the most important brands of the Turkey in the furniture industry.

Over 20 years of experience,
Expert in the categories of home furnitures,
Adopted the principles of advanced human safety,
Created the perception of powerful, dynamic and entertaining brand,
Inspiring designs,
Employs high-tech and lean manufacturing,
Spread all over the world,
Has a team of experts experienced in the field,
Sensitive to both the society and the environment, and
Adds value to its business partners and enables them to earn.


decohill Furniture

 Ağaç İşleri Bölümü Çavdar Sokak No:4 İnegöl / Bursa / TÜRKİYE

 Phone : +90 224 718 52 18

 Fax : +90 224 718 52 78